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SNH / Documents
 Basic documents
Download  Promotional TUCJ Flyer, part II. 
  Deset razloga za Sindikat novinara Hrvatske i deset razloga za članstvo u Sindikatu novinara Hrvastke.
Download  Promotional TUCJ Flyer 
  Front page
 Collective agreements
Download  Unresolved questions in NCA bargning 
  After 22 meetings of Negotiating teams in negotiations on National Collective Agreement a list of six problems remained unresolved.
Download  Collective agreement in Jutarnji list 
  Prvi Kolektivni ugovor potpisan WAZOM u tranzicijskoj zemlji. Regulira prava za novinare i medijske radnike u Jutarnjem listu.
Download  Draft Collective Agreement for Journalists and Media Staff of Croatia 
  Draft of the first national collective agreement for journalists and media staff of Croatia. Collective bargaining with associations of media employers started in May 2003. By this agreement TUCJ intends to protect rights of journalists and media staff in small local media too, as well as basic rights of freelance collaborators
Download  Collective Agreement for Journalists and Media Workers of Croatia 
  Anex II. proposes provisions for regulating relations between journalists and editors
Download  Collective Agreement for Journalists and Media Workers-AnnexIII. 
  Anex III. defines various kinds of media and proposes respective level of rights of journalists and other media workers
 Reports on activities
Download  TUCJ tasks realised between congreses 
  TUCJ tasks realised between congreses (2005-2006)
Download  Some TUCJ Activities 2001-2003 
  Some major TUCJ activities 2001-2003 on national and regional level
Download  Some interesting TUCJ activities 2004 
  Some major TUCJ cases in 2004 and short report on TUCJ polling on (lack of)freedom of journalists in the media companies
Download  Letter to TUCJ Shop- stewards, recent problems 
  Letter to TUCJ Shop-stewards about some recent problems
Download  Problems in 
  TUCJ informed Swedish Union of Journalists about sudden lay-offs in Bonnier's
Download  Report for FREG 
  Report for FREG meeting in Bruxelles in september.
Download  Age discrimination of journalists in Bonier's 
  Upozorenje SNH ąvedskom sindikatu na dobnu diskriminaciju novinara u
Download  New Cases of pressure on jurnalist 
  Document sent from TUCJ to IFJ.